For the Summer, Gerry is organising different, interesting and entertaining
speed sessions on Forest Trails,
particularly on Tuesdays!

Orion Harriers want to encourage more people to train together as a club, to give people more
options as to when they can train and to open the sessions up to those who may not feel otherwise
comfortable to attend and join in!

So... here's some information on the 'new, improved' Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Gerry Shaw has agreed to take the Tuesday night speed session up to Christmas
and has kindly put together a schedule so everyone can see what's planned for each week.
The group will warm up together and then split into 2 according to ability to complete the session.

On a Thursday, we'll split into 2 groups again according to those who want a fast
run and those who want to run at a more steady pace.
These groups will probably be a 7-8 minute miling group and a 9-10 minute miling group.
It's our aim to have a rota on a Thursday night (as Anne De Asha has created for Wednesdays)
so people can see who is leading both groups or so they can sign up to take/lead a group.

All sessions leave Orion Harriers Clubhouse at 7.30 prompt for a warm-up.

Group A for the fast runners and Group B will run at a slower pace for newcomers and for those who don't need or want the speed!

The next block of Tuesdays will build on the 600m and 800m reps we have been doing and progress through
a series of hill reps sessions to build strength.  Note as it gets colder, you will need something to keep
warm as the recovery periods are longer on these reps.

These training sessions are led by Gerry Shaw as one group (different people find their own pace, but the
group works together) and are suitable for men and women of all standards.

Week 1 (20/01) 10 x 500m Wood Lane
Week 2 (27/01) 4 or 5 x 1000m Dale View Gardens with 3 min recovery
Week 3 (03/02) 4 or 5 x 1000m Dale View Gardens with 2 and a half min recovery
Week 4 (10/02) 5 x 1000m Whitehall Lane (with hill) with long recovery
Week 5 (17/02) 5 x 1000m Whitehall Lane (with hill) with long recovery
Week 6 (24/02) 10 x 500m Wood Lane
Week 7 (03/03) 4 x 1000m Dale View Gardens