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Founded 1911

NO parking at Clubhouse
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A Cross Country Running Club

Which implies... basically...
        ...running across rainy countryside... awash with thick, sploshy mud...       or in a blizzard with driving sleet on hard, icy ground...     oh dear...
Anything else?
Well, how about...
...canters over lush wildflower meadows,
in dappled dawns and dusks;

a Midsummer Grade 'A' Fell Race
criss-crossing Greenwich Meridian 0 Longitude
seeing central London from 'flat' Essex County;

gentle ambles through thick forest -
for fifteen or so miles;

a run through a bluebell wood;

dew-drenched Autumnal dawn runs;

a Spring jog to view azaleas and rhododendrons;

or a variety of Cross Country races,
in our beloved Epping Forest and rural idylls;

the highly competitive Chingford League;

occasional road runs such as London Marathon.
Most running/racing is on tracks and
trails in ancient Epping Forest,
17 miles long and 2 miles at its widest point.
Winter training nights are on local streets,
on immensely diverse routes.
(No: never lost...)
As our races are normally
"awash with thick, sploshy mud",
it's no surprise that initially
our club vest's colour is:

Our membership is over 300.
Geriatrics, Seniors, Ladies and Juniors
of ALL standards participate and race.
The XC racing season extends from
early September till late March.
In Summer we compete in a Midweek Road League.
Running in our beloved Forest is an all year thing.
Groups run from the clubhouse at all times of day...

...and some obsessive nutters go running,
alone, at night, in the forest, wearing headtorches...
We don't talk about them.