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Founded 1911

NO parking at Clubhouse
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Our Classic 15 miles Cross Country Race
a map and course description

Below is a map of the Orion 15 course
uploaded from Keith Adams' Garmin.

Tick the bottom left box to view mile markers.

By clicking HERE,
users can view it in satellite, or
export to google earth.
And if you tick the "display elevation" button,
you'll see why SOME folk don't like The Gulley...
despite its muddy start!

A course description, mile by mile, is below the map.

Be relaxed about apparent 'SHORT' measure (14.34 miles)
given by Keith's Garmin.
This Orion 15 mile course was measured accurately in August 2002,
by Orion's very experienced course measurers,
Mike Tomlins, Bob Henbest and Bernie Conroy.
(think London Marathon and its Blue Line among others!)
A measuring wheel has passed along every inch,
up hill and down dale...

Historically, Garmins give less than accurate measurements if there's
potential interference from: tall buildings (None) tall trees (PLENTY) BIG altitude changes (PLENTY).

I compared this online map with Orion's Course Map
and noted the discrepancy starts
as the course is immersed in tall trees after mile 3
and is then exacerbated on the climb to the top of Pole Hill,
the drop down its west side and reascent
between miles 4 and 5.
And so on. And on.

Course Description : mile by mile

digits below denote olde worlde 'yards'...
and, like all of the following, is based on rough, personal assessment
but is sufficiently accurate to give a good sense of what to expect, en route.
mile 1: Downhill 220 from Orion HQ on RG to hit flat HT.
mile 2: flat HT 220, cross road, RG... final few yards on HT
mile 3: flat HT, minimal undulations
mile 4: HT slow incline 1/2 mile, cross road RG slow incline
mile 5: RG undulating/climbing 1/2 mile, steep downhill then slight rise 1/2 mile
mile 6: RG steep climbs and drops and climbs...
mile 7: RG steep climb, flat RC/ROAD 500  crossing road into golf course, RC uphill 300, TR
mile 8: TR flat, crossing road, stiles crossing road
mile 9: RG 200, HT uphill, crossing road, HT steep undulations
mile 10: Leaving HT, RG onwards to Drinks Station and the race cut-off point,
cross roads, downhill 300 then Uphill 50 and down again 200
mile 11: leaving RG, ROAD 440 , cross road, RG 220, HT 880, TRACK 220 
mile 12: RG FLAT 220, steep uphill 400, HT flat cross road, undulating
mile 13: HT cross road flat 300, then undulating, cross road, downhill
mile 14: HT downhill 200, flat 1560
MILE 15: HT flat and slightly downhill 1540, uphill 220 to finish at Orion HQ 

HT horse trail - A laid, gravel based surface 
(which takes spikes, but there are some stones)
RG rough ground - this could be pasture land,
or just grassy, leafy undergrowth of trees and roots, (muddy when wet, of course)
TR -  a rough track: could be obliterated by horses, mountain bikes and mud...
RC - Road Choice Tarmac surface  with grassy edge - runner's choice about which to take
ROAD  Just that - the road verge offers little respite.

As March and its preceding months are generally wet,
running flats are the least ideal shoes for this race.
Studs or spikes are much more suitable.
The help they offer means that runners are less tired and less prone to slipping,
falls and muscle pulls.