Deaders Ultimate Triathlon

Possibly Durness 10k and the Beach Run.
Please see bottom left for how to support/donate...

The following was from Pete, en route.
Left home Wednesday 6th May @ 3pm  Mike Rosbrook was official starter
and perhaps he should have shot me at the start...
Arrived Cambridge at 7.20pm having done 60 miles. Looked after by a friend, had a meal
and slept in a 5 star shed.
Set off at 6.30am on Thurs arrived in Elsham to find a non existent camp site just getting dark had
to camp by a fishing lake. Distance travelled 125 miles.
Had a crash smashed, my phone and had 1 broken spoke.
Set off Fri morning 6.30 2nd spoke broke on Yorkshire Moors arrived in Hartlepool at 8pm having done
110 miles. Staying with friends overnight need to get phone and bike sorted out tomorrow morning.
Have had lots of sun and rain and unrelenting winds.
Arrived in Hartlepool Friday night.  Lost a whole day on Saturday as I had to get my bike repaired
and replace my mobile phone. This was probably a good thing as there was heavy rain all day.
Left Hartlepool 6.30am Sunday morning made up for lost time by doing 140 miles arriving in Dunbar.
Today was nice day lots of sunshine but still fairly windy. On arrival found a great fish and chip shop.
Today Monday left Dunbar 7.30. Have cycled 100 miles today - fantastic scenery. Lovely sunny day but cold.
Only another 220 miles to go.

FINALLY MADE IT - rode into Durness 5pm today Wed 13th!
Yesterday Tues left campsite in Dunkeld early morning to do the 115 miles to Inverness.
It was a lovely day and the route was stunning going through the Cairngorms. Arrived in Inverness about 8pm.
Wed left Inverness 6am going via Black Isle and Bonar Bridge.
Had a really good ride until the last 20 miles when I struggled to pedal but I made it and finally
arrived in Durness at 5pm having done 110 miles today.

I think I will have a rest tomorrow...

Peter Deadman
never takes the easy route.

For the year 2000, Pete announced he would run 100 races...
including Marathons and Fell Races!
He did it! By the end of Dec 2000, he had finished...
210 competitive races!
This included the Orion Fifteen.

So you may imagine Pete's next project will be quite testing.

IT IS...

The Challenge

East London to Durness
(the most NW village on mainland Britain)
750 miles - at least
then back south again...
after he has done at least...

to 'Capeside' and back, 1500m
across the Kyle of Durness at high tide

a Marathon to Cape Wrath Lighthouse,
there and back again across a wild, uninhabited landscape,
including total climb of 2415 feet!
Cape Wrath Marathon
is most north westerly race on mainland Britain
Rough Timetable
Fri May 8: Leave home after work cycling... er... north.
Using mainly Sustrans route, which will likely make
the distance greater than envisaged.

May 18-23: maybe take part in all of 2009 Cape Wrath Challenge!
Mon 1/2 marathon
Tue 5.5M Fell Race
Wed 8.4M XC Race
Thu 4M Race across beach + Sand dunes
Fri Rest?
Sat Marathon
(total Racing distance 57 miles)

May 24 Sun Cycle home in time for...
June 3 Work

The line marks the probable route Pete's heavy-laden mountain bike
must travel to Durness from Chingford.
Then back again...

Why is Pete doing this?

"My family will say it's because I'm stupid!", he laughs. However, Pete asserts that his original impulse arises from his love of Orion Harriers Club and its personalities. "The races are the highlight of my week... yeh, it's sad, isn't it?" But his grin belies his words.

Pete is passionate about Orion and has watched the Junior Section grow from strength to strength over the years, producing some wonderful runners, who now finish ahead of him in races!
So rather selfishly, he claims, he wants the great traditions of Orion Harriers to flourish for further generations despite Orion being 'moved out of its home'.
(The reason why Orion Harriers has been
forced to set up a Jubilee Project.)

So, if this Challenge of Peter's has made you smile...
think it's mad... beyond him...
(or if you share his desire for Orion Harriers to continue serving its Community)
then please vindicate his loopiness, his commitment and his courage, by giving a couple of quid towards Orion's Jubilee Appeal.

Write a cheque payable to
"Orion Harriers Project Jubilee"
(please write 'Deaders Challenge' on the back)
and send it to:

John Barrett
Orion Treasurer
4 Cross Road
London E4 7DQ
(or hand a donation to Peter
or any Orion Committee Member)

Thank you

Pete Deadman happily finishes Blackheath Mob Match - a mere 7.5 hilly miles

Peter's Training 'Situation', so far...

On March 1st, a good friend kindly lent me a mountain bike with panniers to carry all my camping equipment, food + clothes. I will have NO SUPPORT. Started cycle training on that day - did 20 miles!

Just started training for this, my weakest discipline. Was pleased yesterday to swim 40 lengths of school 18 metre pool. They say it's harder to swim in cold sea water with strong currents and no lines on the floor to keep you straight!

My strongest discipline! (don't laugh...) but I am now running 25 miles a week, on average.

Here's a video of last year's Cape Wrath Challenge
Pete's at 17 or 18 seconds in...

Below is the 'swimmable' Kyle of Durness.

st ch