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Founded 1911

NO parking at Clubhouse
click address line below for location/directions/parking

Orion 100 Club

The 100 Club is a means of raising funds for Orion Harriers
whilst allowing members the frisson of a flutter!

Better odds than the Lotto and a cheaper investment than the Euromillions...

So - how does it work?

Here's a simple explanation...
One Hundred (as the name suggests, but it can be more) people give 20.00
at the start of the year into a big pot
[it's a symbolic pot, of course, there's no actual POT!
(In fact, it's a cloth bag -
and numbered discs representing the 100 people
are placed into that. Sigh...)

Go with the flow, here...]

Each month 3 winning discs are withdrawn from the bag (or symbolic pot)
And the winners receive cash prizes.

Most months it will be 40, 25 and 15 per month but...
March and October draws of 165, 60 and 25.

Prizes total 1300 each year with at least 700 going to the Jubilee Fund.

The more members entered the more prizes we will award...
and more profit goes to our Club.

There are always places for new People...

...who'd like to help the club and themselves
in this small but vital manner.
Past monies raised have funded
vital improvements in Orion HQ,
such as the refurb of the previous Ladies' changing room,
a laptop, a measuring wheel,
various engraving on cups...

Oh - and new Hoovers
as well as currently augmenting the Jubilee Fund!


Don Ford
01621 869 181


Ray Valins
020 8504 1876
Or talk to Roddy at the Club.

Print a Standing Order Mandate here,
for filling in,
and sending to your bank